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Our Story

Entertaining Mississippi for over 50 years!

Founded in 1968, BLT is proud to be the longest continuously running community theatre in Mississippi! For over 50 years, BLT has entertained theatre-goers with an array of musical and dramatic classics, as well as modern Broadway hits! In recent years, the theatre has expanded to include the BLT Teen and Kids Camps. These camps provide entertainment and educational outreach to teenagers and children, introducing them to the excitement of theatre and the arts! What makes BLT truly unique is the people. BLT is led and sustained by volunteers who give generously of their time and resources to produce stunning shows and create magical experiences for all who attend. As we will build on the legacy and contributions of those who have helped make BLT what it is today, we invite YOU into the story! Come join us and see why Brookhaven Little Theatre is truly A Haven for the Arts! 

Our Mission

To expose people to the arts!

Our Leadership

BLT 2023/2024 Board of Directors:

Jeff McEwen, President

Michelle Fitzsimmons, Vice-President

Mary Frances Boyd

Lucas Bivens

Amy Clark

Laura Delaune

Sonya Foster

Laura Miller

Allison Ott

Leslie Phillips

Lisa Shann

Adam Tanksley


Suzanne Cagle, Business Manager

Steven McMorris, Production Manager

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