In 2010, we discovered that we had a very special demographic becoming incurably infected with “The Theatre Bug”. Too old for Drama Camp, yet often too young for principal roles in our regular productions, local teenagers had nowhere to test their theatrical wings.

Using such resources as Music Theatre International’s Broadway Junior and High School Edition collections, and Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Getting 2 Know (G2K) collection, the BLTeens have produced high quality shows featuring fabulously talented teens from every high school in Lincoln County, as well as in surrounding counties. They not only act, sing and dance on stage, they also put their diverse talents to work in other areas, too, such as set construction, scenic design, scene painting, finding and making props, and publicity. Some of our older teens–now “Tweens”–have returned to try their hand at directing, and several return every year to design set, design and run lighting, and assume back stage management. A unique and close camaraderie forms with each show as teens from many backgrounds come together to produce shows that are as joyous to be in as they are to watch.

Austin Brister

"BLTeens has helped my self-confidence. I've made great friends and developed talents I didn't previously know I had."

Daniel Clark

Being a part of Brookhaven Little Theatre has been incredible. It's made me more comfortable speaking in public and helped me cultivate so many talents.

Kayla Fortson

"I grew up in Brookhaven and it's great to have a small town theatre to be involved in. It's a fun hobby and all the amazing people you meet is really a one in a lifetime chance. The opportunity to be a part of BLT is something I will cherish forever and the experience... Well I would never take it back. Getting to see young and old faces light up when we present them with the magic of shows can warm your heart. Brookhaven Little Theatre will always have a home in my heart."

Shelley Griffith

"Being involved with the BLT has fueled my passion for dance, has taught me how to better express myself and has given me a place I call my second home. BLT gives you unforgettable memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. God brought me here and it has made me the person I am today. "

Anna Noble

"The BLTeens has brought me out of my shell and has helped me to develop friendships that I know will last a lifetime."