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Upcoming Auditions

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The Wizard of Oz is Presented By
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The Wizard of Oz
Directed by Bobby Helms

Toto Auditions
Saturday, February 18, 2023

Show dates: April 20-30, 2023
Tech Week/Dress Rehearsals: April 15-19, 2023

Toto Audition Policies:

We’re in search of the perfect dog to star as Toto in our upcoming production of The Wizard of Oz! Do you think your dog has what it takes to play this iconic role? 


Here are the requirements to be considered…


  1. We’re looking for a well-trained dog that can remain calm on stage in front of an audience and is comfortable being held by the actors.

  2. The ideal breed is a Cairn Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, or similar looking breed. 

  3. The owner agrees to be on hand throughout the rehearsal process and for all performances.

  4. The dog must be up-to-date on all vaccinations. 


What to expect at auditions…


We’d love to see your dog follow a few obedience commands and to interact with a couple of our cast members. If your dog can perform any special tricks we’d love to see that too! 

Tech Week, Dress Rehearsals, and Performance Dates are non-negotiable. 
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